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The rain is tapping on the skylight window. I just woke up from a weird dream: every student at my university who broke the rules/committed a crime stepped forward in front of the whole crowd to confess – a bit like the community court scene in Dirk’s “Tahiti Projekt”... On that note: the translation is finished and the book should be published in English very soon :)

It’s been a while since I last contributed to the blog. Feels a bit odd writing something in here now... It’s been almost nine months since Raphael and I returned from our trip to French Polynesia. Raphael has been busy with his dissertation and learning about solar airplanes – he did a placement with Solar Flight in Slovenia.

I’m still studying renewable energy in Scotland – knowing that it’s probably a waste of time. Our problems are not technological but political and social – if we really wanted we could say goodbye to fossil fuels and nuclear energy, reduce our consumption and get 100% renewables within a decade... sigh... BUT I think we’re on the right track (or at least a less fatal one ;) There are grass roots initiatives cropping up all over the world which are trying to find creative and holistic solutions to our global problems...

The Green Party finally seems to get it: endless economic growth on our (finite) planet is impossible (doh ;). Eric will be addressing a decent number of politicians down South soon – will be interesting to see whether they pick up on the ideas of Equilibrism...

There are also good news from Roti – our strongest ally in French Polynesia and Rapa. Seems like she has convinced the elders of giving it a try and putting the theory into practice!

The media attention around the Tahiti Project is still unbowed and will most likely continue when the nationalist soccer madness is over... Dirk has fully recovered from the disappointment (the publisher of the Tahiti Projekt turned down the manuscript of the sequel (Maeva!)) and is now in rehab (from his operation) by the sea - looking forward to continuing his work on Maeva. I shall see how our author is doing and visit him next weekend (I’m in Hamburg for a few weeks doing a placement in a forest kindergarden).

Final thoughts: despite all the awful things happening in the world, I just can’t stop dreaming of a better future :)

Die Maeva Trilogie

Maeva Trilogie frei t

Das Tahiti Projekt ist der erste Teil der Maeva Trilogie.

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