Donnerstag, 13 August 2009 12:01


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Pape’ete Topics of the day: reading, depression, optimism I read and contemplated all day – was so depressed that I almost drowned in Weltschmerz (thanks Dirk ;) but then read Eric and Volker’s positive vision of the future (Equilibrism) and…
Mittwoch, 12 August 2009 12:01

Fossil Fool

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Pape’ete Topics of the day: météo, Jacky Bryant, borders, meat Today we went to météo France again to get some data which we were still missing – now we only need to stick it into that program to simulate the…
Aute II - Pape’ete, Tahiti Topics of the day: understanding the world, moving to Pape’ete As presumptuous as it may sound – I think I’ve understood the world (at least roughly) – it’s so shockingly obvious! We’re wrecking the planet…
Aute II, Tahiti Topics of the day: gloomy day, rain, reading I felt a bit drained today – we didn’t do much (not too sure what Raphael did – I think he wrote some e-mails and read/looked at the files…
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Die Maeva Trilogie

Maeva Trilogie frei t

Das Tahiti Projekt ist der erste Teil der Maeva Trilogie.

Danach erschienen sind

Maeva (Der Südsee Virus)


Feuer am Fuss

Die Romane sind dennoch eigenständige Geschichten und können problemlos ohne Vorkenntnisse gelesen werden.


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