Mittwoch, 26 August 2009 12:17


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...wonder who will want to read a blog entry with that title - for nerdy readers only ;) Topics of the day: sponsors, newsletter, children, invitations This morning I cycled over to Roti (déjà-vu) to finally go and find sponsors…
Dienstag, 25 August 2009 12:17

Fighting in french

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Pape’ete Topics of the day: European Mobility Week, 2D-Attitude, sponsors Today we met up with Mizael (and two other people from “2D-Attitude” a local environmental organization) and someone from the city hall who is organizing the program for the European…
Montag, 24 August 2009 12:16

Global Compassion or Emotional Particularism

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Pape’ete Topics of the day: memory blurred (no I don’t financially support the local… green economy) I most likely spent reading, writing and worrying about the world - what a waste of time...Maybe I wondered why people are so emotionally…
Sonntag, 23 August 2009 12:15

Grass Routes

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Pape’ete Topics of the day: reading, Transition Towns again, Peak Oil, writing, Johann, Gross National Happiness Today we went to the market – I love the market on Sundays – it’s so full of life (and local goodness) and you…
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Die Maeva Trilogie

Maeva Trilogie frei t

Das Tahiti Projekt ist der erste Teil der Maeva Trilogie.

Danach erschienen sind

Maeva (Der Südsee Virus)


Feuer am Fuss

Die Romane sind dennoch eigenständige Geschichten und können problemlos ohne Vorkenntnisse gelesen werden.


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